Sample Screen Layouts

This is a selection of screen shots, if you would like to have access to an evaluation version of Incident Reporting please contact us.


Personalised Dashboard

Each member of the team has a personalised dashboard showing relevant information and providing an overview of their work, including tasks to be completed.  

Select the magnifying glass to perform searches and drill down to the detail.

Senior staff can review the desktop of their team members.



Incident details are entered. Tasks can be automatically created based on the Allegation Type. The current Status of the Incident is shown - Status boxes are shown in Red when completed.

Tabs are available for Person, Merchandise, Tasks, Actions Taken information. Details are displayed and you can drill down to the Merchandise details, say.


Tasks and Task Steps

Tasks can be manually added or created automatically based on the Incident Allegation. Task Steps can be entered as a Task is completed. Incomplete tasks are shown on the desktop. 

Your team can use their mobiles to review and update tasks when away from their desk.    


Person and Person Search

Person details and images can be added and linked to incidents. Person characteristics allow powerful person searches. Person Warnings are highlighted in red.   


Investigations & Court Cases

Investigations may be prompted from Incidents, and with Court Cases their details can be recorded. You can define who has access.

Tasks can also be set up, and documents uplifted. 

Take the Next Step to a Web Based Incident Reporting System

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